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Our mission

Cleverchefs have a vision, to provide exciting ethically sourced food & drink to each area of our business.

We strive to create beautiful food that tastes amazing by devising dishes that compliment on flavours & seasonality.

We want that breathtaking initial reaction from our guests, we want to make them smile with food joy.

We will never compromise on quality in any situation.

We will only ever work with creative chefs who love what they do & have the Cleverchefs vision.

Along the way we strive to reduce our carbon footprint 👣 by using alternatives to plastic & other materials that cannot be recycled.

Cleverchefs were carefully selected to be the operator for the catering within the park.

Cleverchefs specialise in providing exceptional food for many different sectors of the catering industry from wedding, corporate events, film & tv location catering to private chef hire dining.

We started in 2015 by our founder Nick Collins who has been a chef for over 20 years.

Nick found his passion for food and attention to detail in Michelin star restaurants and his career has seen him win awards such as chef of the year & be a contestant on the BBC's professional masterchef competition.

After some years of cooking for high profile clients and celebrities in the alps and on yachts, nick decided that he wanted to offer hospitality in the UK that did not compromise in any way and provided the very best food and service.

To date Cleverchefs have won numerous awards from industry recognised award bodies from caterer of the year to best wedding caterer in the south west in the national wedding industry awards.

Nick has built a team around him that also share the same vision and standards that make Cleverchefs unique.

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"Our success comes from our passion and commitment to provide food that excites the palate, pleases the eyes and leaves a lasting memory with our guests. 

Being a chef led business is what makes us unique, i know what sort of chefs i like to see cooking our food, they need to be able to bring their own creativity to the plate whilst keeping our brand and ethos in play."

Nick Collins 

Founder Director - Cleverchefs

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